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What’s behind the pole?

Posted by on Jun 4, 2017 in Blog Post, Neuromarketing

Want to know what’s in the above picture? Scroll down to find out! Curiosity Based E-marketing What is it?: Curiosity based E-marketing is a tactic that takes advantage of natural human curiosity in order to draw attention to your product or service. Where it works best: The best time to use curiosity based tactics is when trying to attract potential customers to view your product or service, be it a website, social media page or blog.  Therefore, using the tactic on website banners, social media advertisements, and similar mediums, tends to produce the best results. How you can use it: When...

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Click Here for a Reward!

Posted by on Feb 11, 2017 in Blog Post, Neuromarketing

Congratulations, read below and claim your reward: Knowledge. When Advertisements Become a Game If you have regularly used the internet in the past decade, you may have come across some web advertisements that ask you to shoot a target, throw a basketball into a hoop, click a picture multiple times, or interact with the advertisement in some way other than just clicking it.  This form of marketing uses short games to create a temptation for “winning”, whether it be simply completing the game, gaining a high score, or attaining a special reward (like a coupon for winning).  Upon seeing these...

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Welcome to Neurocepi

Posted by on Jan 6, 2017 in Blog Post, Neuromarketing

If an individual was asked sensitive and private questions in an online survey, would they be more likely to answer truthfully if: A. The site was a clean, professional looking site with a well known name and a well designed layout? B. The site was  called “R U BaD?” with a horribly designed unprofessional layout and random advertisements all over the page? Remember your answer and we will get back to it soon. Welcome to A Light in the Rain Ltd’s blog: Neurocepi.  Our goal is to provide education and knowledge on neuromarketing techniques and research, which can be practically applied in the...

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