Neuromarketing and the Web

Neuromarketing is an effective tool which can benefit nearly all aspects of a business. However, it is especially useful when it comes to your business’ online presence. Websites, social media, and apps, all provide the opportunity to track exactly what customers are doing. And with that opportunity, you can directly see the effect of neuromarketing, learn new industry-specific strategies, and react to your customers’ desires, actions, and choices.

Neuromarketing In Action
Through tracking, you can see how long users spend on a page, where they click, which products they add to a shopping cart, and even what website they visited your page from. All of this allows you to hyperanalyze your online activities, and make changes as necessary.  It also lets you test neuromarketing strategies to see if they work with your industry/business, which in turn helps you better understand your target market.

Online Advantages
The majority of online interaction with your customers comes in the form of visual media and readable text. This allows you to use decades worth of cognitive psychology and neuroscience research in order to optimize the effectiveness of this media. The colours you use, how you place things on a page, and even the links you use, all affect how someone views your business. In some industries, something as simple as one line of text can increase sales by 50%. Put in simpler terms, your online presence is all about forming an impression. And neuromarketing helps ensure that you create the best impression possible.