Why Age Matters

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When deciding on whether or not to purchase a product, do you prefer:
1. Knowing lots of information about the product?
2. Knowing that lots of people use and like the product?

If you picked option 1, you are probably over 30 years old.
If you picked option 2, you are probably under 30.

When designing an online marketing campaign it is very important that you take the age of your target market into account.

Dr. Nelson Barber at the University of New Hampshire researched the differences in consumer habits between generation X and Y [see During Critical…]

Generation X are those born between 1964 and 1977 in America (in Canada, early 60s to late 70s)
Generation Y are those born between 1978 and 1998 in America (in Canada they are approximately the same)

Barber found that generations X and Y took different approaches when deciding whether or not to buy a product or service.  He found that generation X preferred using the internet to gather information on a product, and to make sure they are not being deceived.

Generation Y on the other hand were more likely to look towards their peers, parents, and authority figures to determine what to buy, as they tend to be unsure of legitimate products.  Thus, they are more interested in whether or not people they know have liked a product on Facebook than they are about detailed information.

When developing an online marketing strategy, it is important to determine which age-group makes up the majority of your target market.  If you are dealing with generation X, provide lots of information and employ strategies to demonstrate the legitimacy and superiority of your product.  Alternatively, when dealing with generation Y, use social media to create networks of customers or potential customers who approve of your product in order to attract new customers. For generation Y, you could also utilize a review section, and allow users to sort products you are selling by their review/rating.

Market segments can be divided into even more specific age groups in order to maximize the efficiency of your strategies.  Age matters. Once you have determined the average age of your target market(s), make sure you take the time to analyze their purchasing patterns and psychology.
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