The Date is a Lie

Posted by on Feb 28, 2017 in Blog Post, Neuromarketing

Check the first three posts ever made on this blog (the three before this one) and look specifically at the dates.

If you haven’t noticed, up to now all posts are approximately two weeks apart.

But it’s all a lie! All four of these blog posts have had their dates altered to create the impression that this blog has already been around for two months as of this post.

This strategy allows you to frame your business in a desired way, in order to create a certain type of impression.  There are many situations where you may want your business to appear to have real-world experience and be well established, even if it is brand new and has no clients. Conversely, you may want your year-old well established business to look new and updated. Context matters a lot, and there are many ways to manipulate perception.

We’re sorry we lied about the dates, but we wanted to demonstrate exactly how easy it is to “frame” a business in an alternate way. We hope our practical example has shown you that small changes can affect how customers will perceive your business.

There can be a fine line between manipulating context, and false advertisement.  Always consult a lawyer before using this strategy to ensure you are not breaking any laws, and following all advertising standards legally required.

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